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  1. Technic Brow Pomade & Powder Duo - Dark - 3g
  2. -55%
    Colormax Eye Liner Combo Offer - 02
  3. -10%
    W7 Wild Eyes Eye Shadow Palette
  4. W7 Brow Pomade - Dark Brown - 4.25gm
  5. -29%
    W7 Taxi 35 Color Most Wanted Eye Shadow Palette - 55g
  6. -21%
    W7 Taxi Without Limits 25 Color Bold & Brilliant Pigments Eye Shadow Palette
  7. -19%
    W7 HD Concealer - Medium Warm - MW7 - 14ml
  8. -19%
    W7 HD Concealer - Deep Dark Neutral - DDN10 - 14ml
  9. Technic Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow Palette - Vacay - 30g
  10. Technic Cream Pigment Eye Shadow Palette - Hot Foil - 30g
  11. -10%
    Technic Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow Palette - Persian Violet - 30g
  12. -10%
    Technic Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow Palette - Gothica - 30g
  13. Technic 3x False Eyelash Glue - 3ml
  14. -22%
     W7 Whatever Eye Shadow Palette
  15. -22%
    W7 24K Gold Rush Eye Shadow Palette
  16. -27%
    Absolute New York 3D Volume Reusable Eyelashes - ELFL02
  17. -27%
    Absolute New York 3D Volume Reusable Eyelashes - ELFL01
  18. -27%
    Absolute New York Nothing But Drama Reusable Eyelashes - ELFL32
  19. -22%
    Absolute New York Pre Glued Divine Magic Quick Lashes - EDL13 Bia
  20. -22%
    Absolute New York Pre Glued Divine Magic Quick Lashes - EDL14 Cilo

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Eye Makeup

BanglaShoppers Eye Makeup in Bangladesh

Hey, ladies! If you’re looking for eye makeup in Bangladesh, then you’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for something mod and cutting edge? Are you looking for the best eyeshadow palette out there? How about your daily use makeup? Are you looking for makeup for hooded eyes? Natural eye makeup? Makeup for brown eyes or makeup for blue eyes? How about makeup for green eyes – the rarest of the eye colors. Thinking outside the box with glitter eye makeup? No matter what kind of look you are going for, we’ve got it for you! We can help you to bring attention to your long, thick eyelashes. Conversely, if you are lacking in that department, we have some AMAZING mascaras and false eyelashes from some of the world’s favorite brands.

Our Eye Makeup Products – Try a New Palette!

We’ve got your lids covered from the basics to specialty items. From primers to brow fillers, you can find it all at BanglaShoppers, your one-stop-shop for everything beauty.

·     Eyeshadow Primers– Eye primer serves the same purpose for your eye makeup that a face primer serves for your face makeup. We carry some of the best primers for eye so that your makeup applies easily and stays on throughout the longest days and/or nights.

·     Under-eye Concealer– Who hasn’t had a day (or many) where we struggle to cover those insidious, dark under eye circles. Well, fear not! We’ve got under-eye concealers for any skin tone, so those dark circles can be a thing of the past!

·     Eyeshadows– We’ve got a HUGE selection when it comes to eyeshadow. Browse through our wide range of palettes, perfect for getting a professional look. If you’re more particular about your colors, then you can find many eye shadow singles. We’ve got cream and powder shadows. We’ve got matte, glitter, and metallic shadows. If you’re looking for bold color, look no more. And, of course, we offer the best in basics and natural colors for everyday use. You will also find great highlighters for contouring around your brows, crease, and the inner corners of your eyes.

·     Eyeliner– Eyeliner can be your best friend…or your worst enemy. But if you find the right one for you, then you can quickly be on your way to being and eye liner pro! And BanglaShoppers has got you covered (as always) when it comes to eyeliners. We’ve got the best in pencil liners, eyeliner pens, eyeliner pots, cream eyeliners, gel eyeliners, pencil concealer, eyeliner smudgers and sponges (great for smoky eye looks), and even liners that come with these tools built in. We could all use a quick sharpener on our eyeliner pencils!

·     Eyelashes– Lashes are all the rage right now, and any girl who uses false lashes likely has several pairs of Ardell false eyelashes. This is a leading brand across the globe (and for good reason).  They offer one of the largest varieties and you can find cheaper lashes for everyday use or more expensive ones for special occasions. We also offer Absolute New York and W7 brand lashes.

·     Mascaras– Here is another category in which we offer you an incredibly large selection of products. Our needs and wants vary greatly when it comes to mascara, so BanglaShoppers has made sure that we’ve got all our ladies covered! Find dramatic mascaras that will take your lashes to their extremes or lighter formulas that are great for everyday wear. You can find waterproof mascara as well as lash lengthening mascara. Shop our huge selection to find your perfect product!

·     Eye Tools– When we said we’ve got you covered, we meant it. Find all of your application tools like brushes and sponges as well as grooming tools like eyelash curlers, lash applicators, lash adhesive (glue), brow shapers,  eyebrow stencils, eyeliner pencil sharpeners, and even full grooming kits for eyes.

Transform Your Eyes with the Best Eyeshadow in Bangladesh

As mentioned above, our eye shadow selection is HUGE. You really must see it for yourself. You also want to know that you are getting a trustworthy name brand when it comes to the makeup that you put on your eyes. Let’s be real. These are the two organs that allow you to see the world around you. No one wants to play chance with ordering from shady third parties who are likely selling black market products with brand name labels. End this potentially dangerous practice and buy from the largest cosmetics shop in Bangladesh, where you know that you are receiving a quality, name brand product that you can trust.

Eye Makeup Looks Like Cat Eye Makeup and Smokey Eye Makeup (get the right eye shadow palette to really perfect this look)

The “cat eye” and the “smoky eye” are all the rage in fashion and cosmetics these days. If you want to perfect these looks, then you need the right tools and colors! How many of us have sat down at our makeup stations and said, “ok, tonight I’m going with a smoky eye,” only to end up looking a little more clownish than dark and mysterious? If we’re really honest, it’s happened to most of us.

The best thing you can do, if you want to perfect the smoky eye, is to use the correct palette. It can be quite difficult to find the right colors that complement each other. And we can end up looking ridiculous if we are not using the right colors in the right color families. Our palettes will help to end any frustration or confusion. We even have specialty palettes that are for smoky eye looks. One of our cosmetic consultants can even help you pick out the perfect one based upon your skin tone and eye color. Say goodbye to the days of trying to pick out the right color schemes and confidently apply your smoky eye with the perfect palette.

Now, let’s talk about the even more difficult cat eye! This isn’t for the faint of heart! It takes practice and precision, but with the right products and tools, you can get this one down just as easily as the smoky eye. Browse our precision liners as well as our stenciling tools to get the perfect cat eye. And never let anyone tell you how much wing you can or can not have. It is up to you and your creative mind’s eye to be as bold and dramatic or toned down as you feel comfortable! Let your artistic nature shine through cosmetic expression!

Get the Best Eye Looks with the Best Brands

Check out all of the amazing, top of the line name brands that you will find at BanglaShoppers Eye Shop:

·     Ardell

·     Absolute New York

·     Jeffree Star Cosmetics

·     Ofra

·     Sigma

·     W7

·     The Balm

·     L.A. Girl

·     Alix Avien

·     Boots

·     L’Oreal

·     Rimmel

·     Maybelline

·     Makeup Revolution

·     Kara Beauty

·     Morphe

·     Isabelle DuPont

·     Eveline Cosmetics

·     Nior Cosmetics

How to Apply Eyeshadow

While this can’t be easily summed up into one simple and easy paragraph, your best friends will be the right tools for the products that you select. And primer will also be your best friend when it comes to, both, application and staying power. Sponge brushes used to be the top choice when it came to applying eyeshadow, but these days women know better. You can find a wide range of makeup brushes and tools at BanglaShoppers that will help you to perfect your looks and make application a breeze.

BanglaShoppers Eye Products - in Conclusion

Whether you are looking for basic eyeshadow to go with a basic look or you are going to go all out and attempt the hottest look from your favorite eye makeup tutorial, BanglaShoppers has all you need. Our customers continue to trust that we are the best cosmetics shop in Bangladesh year after year. Our business is only growing as we continue to provide the best, quality, name brand makeup that you know you can trust.