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  1. W7 Gotta Glow Translucent Luminous Setting Powder - 15g
  2. W7 Bright Eyes Under Eye Brightening And Setting Powder - 5g
  3. Technic Rose Primer Oil - 25ml
  4. Technic Brow Pomade & Powder Duo - Dark - 3g
  5. Technic Dewy Makeup Setting Spray - 31ml
  6. -19%
    W7 HD Concealer - Light Neutral - LN4 - 14ml
  7. -55%
    Colormax Eye Liner Combo Offer - 02
  8. -31%
    W7 Blending Pro Multi Tasking Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge
  9. -27%
    W7 Blending Pro Duo Multi Tasking Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge Set
  10. -10%
    W7 Wild Eyes Eye Shadow Palette
  11. W7 Brow Pomade - Dark Brown - 4.25gm
  12. W7 Makeup Remover Cookie Microfiber Cleansing Pad
  13. -29%
    W7 Taxi 35 Color Most Wanted Eye Shadow Palette - 55g
  14. -21%
    W7 Taxi Without Limits 25 Color Bold & Brilliant Pigments Eye Shadow Palette
  15. W7 Bronze Fever Golden Glow Compact - 14gm
  16. -16%
    W7 Diamonds Are Forever Highlighting Powder - 10gm
  17. -19%
    W7 HD Concealer - Medium Warm - MW7 - 14ml
  18. -19%
    W7 HD Concealer - Deep Dark Neutral - DDN10 - 14ml
  19. -22%
    Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion - 200ml
  20. -17%
    The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm - 10ml
  21. Technic Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow Palette - Vacay - 30g
  22. Technic Cream Pigment Eye Shadow Palette - Hot Foil - 30g
  23. -10%
    Technic Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow Palette - Persian Violet - 30g
  24. -10%
    Technic Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow Palette - Gothica - 30g

Items 1-24 of 529

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Makeup Shop

Have you been looking for a name brand makeup shop in Bangladesh that you can rely on to have the quality and value you are looking for? Well look no more, because BanglaShoppers is here to save the day! You no longer need to search internationally for name brand, quality makeup at an affordable price. Our cosmetics are imported directly from the manufacturing countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and others. We offer a full range of cosmetics and beauty supplies for all of your needs, from hair care to skincare to makeup that will help you to shine through as the most beautiful version of you.

Our beauty and cosmetic lines come with a product guarantee as well as product warranties. We pledge to you, our valued customers, to provide legitimate, brand name cosmetics at a reasonable price. You can now forget about huge international shipping fees or restrictions on importation. And to top it all off, we offer free shipping on orders that are over ‎2,000 Taka. While all that may sound great, it gets even better! We also have a price matching program. We will beat the prices of any competitor that you are able to find. You simply send us a screenshot of the competitor’s product, and we will beat their price. Please review our terms and conditions for the price matching requirements within our name brand makeup shop.

What do we Offer?

One look at our website will show you that we are dedicated to offering a wide array of cosmetics and beauty supplies. We carry items from personal care to oral care to massagers and spa treatments. You can find shampoos and conditioners, body wash, and grooming tools. We offer a huge amount of cosmetics from primers to foundation to eye shadow and mascara. We have everything you need to get into the art of contouring, which is all the rage right now. Looking for nail polish? We have it. Looking for perfume or cologne? Got it! You can find cute accessories and sunglasses. We even carry items that are made for kids and baby, so you can feel safe and confident about the products that you use on your children.

Let’s get into the reason that many of you have landed here: COSMETICS! While shopping for name brand cosmetics has been difficult for the women (and men) of Bangladesh in the past, we are hoping to make that task much easier and convenient for the consumer. International restrictions and international shipping charges can make it difficult and, in some cases, even impossible to obtain the makeup products you really want. We have recognized this problem and we want to do something about it. We should all be able to access the products of our choosing and we shouldn’t have to pay incredible charges to do so. The world of cosmetics is at its pinnacle. We can transform the face into a work of art and beauty with the products that are on the market today. While true beauty lies inside, we all want to give an appearance of health and prosperity. This is why we are dedicated to bringing the best in personal care, beauty, and cosmetics to every person in Bangladesh.


We offer every cosmetic item that you could need to have a natural look or a full and dramatic face. We offer every product needed for every step of your makeup application. When it comes to primers and foundation, we offer a wide variety of brands and types that are made for different complexions and skin issues. We have primers and foundation for sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin, and everything outlying and in between. We have different powders for coverage, setting, bronzing, and highlighting. You can select from cream or powder contouring products. We offer blushes in some of the most beautiful hues to give you that hint of color that every cheek needs. Eyeshadows GALORE. You can find pencil, kohl, and liquid eyeliners in our selection. We carry many different kinds of mascaras with different wands for your preferred application method. We also carry setting spray to finish that look and keep it going all day or night! Our name brand makeup shop will be your new one-stop website for all of your beauty and cosmetic needs.

We offer a wide array of product lines, as well. If you are looking for name brand makeup that will save you money, we offer Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, and many more. For those of you who are looking for some of the higher quality products, we carry OFRA Cosmetics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, The Balm Cosmetics, Sigma Beauty, D.Benoit and Toppik, just to name a few. If you’re really high class with your makeup and are looking for the best of the best in luxury cosmetics, we even carry Chanel, Lancome, and some other top of the line cosmetics. The brands listed here are just a few of some of our popular products. Once you start shopping, you will see that this list goes on and on. We are also hoping to expand our inventory in the future for those of you who are searching for something you don’t find. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about your shopping experience.

Come see for Yourself!

So, if you’re still here reading this, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to to browse the selection for yourself. Verify that we have the lowest prices. If we don’t, we will deliver to you at the best price possible! We even have a “Wishlist” section for products that you might have a future interest in or if you are wanting to give a good hint to that special someone who is going to get you a gift. We hope you enjoy our selection and that we can offer you the best online brand name makeup shop in Bangladesh! Stay beautiful!